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What to expect when doing business with Apex

Every infestation is different and the extermination process can vary depending on the situation. The type of parasite, the size of the surface to be treated, the type of housing and several other conditions make each case require special attention. A good pest manager will know how to assess the state of your situation and offer you a specialized action plan according to your needs.

Solve the problem at the source!

At Apex we not only make sure your current pest problem is addressed, but we will also guide you to make sure your home remains pest-free into the future. Our rigorous screening inspections paired with a prevention plan will be your best tools to keep your family and your home safe.

The Apex warranty

When you opt for Apex service, you also opt for the 6-month Apex warranty. This warranty includes up to 8 additional technician visits for any problem that persists or requires several visits (if deemed necessary by Gestion Apex).

Reliable, professional and affordable pest protection.

Apex Management can protect you from any parasite that threatens your home or property. We guarantee the results for a period of 6 months or 1 year (your choice). Our certified technicians will do a screening inspection of your property to identify and manage any plague or threat

Here is a list of parasites that Gestion Apex supports as well as some information about them