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Apex Gestion Parasitaire offers various services in pest management in order to control pests such as insects, rodents and other pests that attack food products or goods. Our services are aimed at the residential sector (house, multiple units, apartments, condos, etc.) as well as the commercial and industrial sector. The company offers continuous (prevention) or emergency response services with follow-ups.

Apex Gestion Parasitaire was born from a father-son association. The father, Sylvain Mazerolle, is a former soldier, specializing in administration, while the son, Darren Mazerolle, passionate about logistics, leadership and biology. It was by developing his experience in extermination that Darren realized his passion for this profession. Together, and with all this passion, as well as with strong operational and administrative capacities, the desire to be able to help residents, business owners and building managers became evident! It was therefore in January 2021 that the company was created, with the main objectives of providing services respecting the code of practice, at reasonable prices and respecting the environment.

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